May 1, 2007

Los Angeles Police Department Vs. Immigrant Rights Demonstrators

our tax dollars at work

The pro-immigrant rally in Los Angeles ended in violence, thanks to the attitude of the Los Angeles Police Department, who dispersed the crowd with rubber bullets and tear gas, a crowd including mothers with children, the elderly and handicapped, and many others who were peacefully congregated. Yes, there was a small group of troublemakers, mainly youth who wanted to provoke the police, but the police fell into the trap, and the outcome is that the vast peaceful majority had to pay for it.

our tax dollars at work

our tax dollars at work

Even Telemundo's Pedro Sevcec was not safe from the police action. This is a photo moments before we all had to flee the area as the police cracked batons and fired rubber bullets at the crowd.

pedro sevcec of telemundo

This photo demonstrates the peaceful character of the overwhelming majority of the people who gathered in Los Angeles' MacArthur Park.

peaceful rally


Professor Zero said...

The pictures are great! And you know, the police look as though they are having fun, feeling like big men and all. Maybe they should join the Army ... then they would find out what it is like to have people shooting back at them ... (say I meanly).

::Alejandro:: said...

The worst thing is the black eye it gives the city, and the millions we'll all have to pay out when the LAPD has to settle the cases...