April 30, 2007

Democratic Secular Turkey

I don't usually post other people's pictures, but serious times require serious actions. On April 14, over a million people marched in Ankara to defend Turkey's secular and democratic heritage. Today, April 29, another million people marched in Istanbul for the same cause. I am posting these pictures in solidarity with my secular and democratic Turkish sisters and brothers.

April 24, 2007

City Flag

I love flags.

The flag of the City of Los Angeles was designed in 1931 for Los Angeles' 150th anniversary. The red represents the vineyards, the golden-yellow depicts the orange groves, and the green symbolizes the olive trees. The center of the flag features the City Seal, which dates from 1905. The center features the four flags that have flown over Los Angeles: Spain, Mexico, the California Republic, and the United States. The olives, grapes, and oranges represent Los Angeles' agricultural roots. The rosary around the seal symbolizes the role played by the Mission padres in the city's early history.

city of los angeles flag