February 28, 2007

downtown LA buildings

i've decided i need to make this blog a fotolog for a while

i've learned maintaining a good blog requires a lot of time and dedication, and my food blog keeps me pretty busy

yet, i want to have a space in which to write in english about whatever strikes my fancy

for now, i think i'd like to just post my photos and make some commentary

i need a stress-free blog, where i don't feel that each post has to be a literary masterpiece

because in that mindset, i rarely post

so here goes:

yesterday there was a storm here, so today was brilliantly blue, a perfect day to drive around downtown taking pictures of tall buildings.

February 23, 2007

Carniceria Las Muchachas

It was a wonderfully clear day today in LA; yesterday, for the first time all winter, we got a real rainstorm, so although it was cold (by Angeleno standards), it was also very clear and the sky was a brilliant blue. I had seen this mural at Orchard and Venice a few days ago. Since it faces west, I knew that today in the afternoon, on my way home from a friend's house in South LA, the light would be perfect.

February 20, 2007

Lafayette Park

One of the emblems of Los Angeles, the palm tree. This one was in Lafayette Park, one of the city's oldest.

Playing With Color 2

This is an entryway to one of the original carparks of the 1920 buildings along Wilshire Boulevard, which accounts as for the narrow width.

Playing With Color

This stretch of Wilshire Boulevard is where the first Korean stores begin. This one is a tailor's near historic Lafayette Park.

February 16, 2007

Echo Park

Something I saw in Echo Park today.

February 1, 2007

Video: Silent Movie About Lima in 1927 From General Motors

I first read about the videos of Lima in the 1950s (the year of filming turns out to be 1944) mentioned by David Sasaki on Global Voices Online, who wrote they they had been posted by the Lima-based poet and journalist, Fernando Obregón Rossi on the Peruvian blog, pospost. The original You Tube poster poetafer, also has a 1927 video of Lima, which many bloggers have reposted.

For some reason, most scenes repeat in this video filmed by The General Motors Export Division, in a film titled 'General Motors Around The World'.

This is the first text. If you prefer, scroll straight to video.

"General Motors one of the world's greatest commercial and industrial corporations.

Over a million persons get their livelihood from entrprises under its sway; its manufacturing plants hum busily in 250 cities; its products bring pleasure and comfort into the lives of untold thousands in all parts of the world."

There is then a cut to a view of a GM vehicle in Andes, traversing the altiplano amidst snow-capped mountains and driving through villages with streets full of llamas.

Then there is map of of GM distibutors and dealers in Mexico, the Caribbean, Central and South America.

The next text says:

"The vast mineral wealth of Peru is the basis of commercial progress and luxury."

Now, there's a cut to an elite women dressed in flapper fashion standing in front of a mansion (I wounder if it is what is currently the Lima Country Club), The woman descends the steps and boards into a luxury GM model.

The next text reads:

"Lima, Peru, has the oldest traffic laws in the world. The man who invented the one-way street came from Lima."

I don't know if that is a true claim or not, but the camera cuts to a street in what is now Central Lima, where a GM models competes with pedestrians and burros. The Plaza San Martin is shown, which had just been inagurated in 1921.

Here is the video: